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Hannah House Mission: Housing young women 13-29 who are experiencing crisis situations in their lives, through a structured home environment to overcome past behaviors and issues allowing them to become productive citizens in our city, state, and nation.

Hannah House is a residential facility for young women who find themselves pregnant or have other life controlling issues. The house provides a structured program for each girl, including training in the practical aspects of living, counseling and spiritual help, as well as education and career guidance. We house our residents free of charge during their pregnancy or time of crisis and are a positive influence in their life when they need it most.


Hannah House opened September 8, 1997. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) under our parent corporation Tree of Life Preventive Health Maintenance, Inc. We are funded by donations from individuals, corporations, churches, civic groups and foundations in our community.


Our purpose is to offer these young women a place of refuge in a warm home-like atmosphere where we can help them work on the issues in their lives that brought them to Hannah House. We want to help them heal and become productive caring individuals and those who were pregnant will be able to care for their babies, or to help them in making a decision to place their baby for adoption.

This is a quote from one of our former residents, Brittiany: " Little did I know that coming to Hannah House would change my life completely. Their program filled with devotions, bible classes, life skills, career readiness, and step work has changed my life! Through their program I began to see the patterns of my life that were not good, and I was equipped with the tools on how to change those patterns. Hannah House has enabled me to parent my baby and raise him with the knowledge and wisdom of God.


The average stay for a young woman at Hannah House is six months to one year; with 97% of our residents falling in the 100% category of the 2014 Poverty Level Guidelines, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Our program has grown through the years and now has three phases; in-house, extended living, and transitional housing. The in-house program is an eight step program with foundational steps and foundational tasks. Included in this program are life skills such as parenting, budgeting and finance, cleaning, cooking, and one-on-one counseling.  In addition, while learning these life skills they are also working to complete their education. 

In the extended living phase, while still living at Hannah House, a resident may begin attending college and/or obtain a job, to prepare her for the future. After completing these two programs, she may move into transitional housing located next to Hannah House. In this phase she begins to become self-sufficient and a productive taxpaying citizen.


We are in our 17th year of service.  Over the years we have had successful outcomes with young women who have completed the program.  Two former residents have come back to serve on the Board of Directors. One former resident is now our Administrative Assistant.  This type of residual outcome will keep Hannah House strong. As those who have been through the program make sure the home is there for those who have, and will come after them.

Board of Trustees

Don Shaver, Chairman
Charles "Chuck" Caulfield, Vice Chairman
Debbi Koivisto, Secretary/Treasurer
Gary Russell, Trustee
Cindy Crawford, CEO

Board Members for Hannah House

Adam Benefiled, Co-President
Charity Benefield, Co President
Mike Beck, Vice President
Kathy Nichols, Secretary
Jacqui Sargent, Treasurer
Barbara Barry
Shanna Kelley
Ronnie Kelley
Pamela Laffoon
Tandy Miller
Lynnanne Nicely
Alan Sopshire
Steve Weaver


Cindy Crawford, CEO
Debbi Kovisto, Assistant Director
Sally Moreno, Administrative Assistant

Week End Staff

Lindy Payton
Angela Shipman